difficulty emailing?
Under windows 10, the default email client is Microsoft's Mail app.  What this means is that this app will probably open when you click an < EMAIL NOBDOB > link, whatever program you actually use for email.

This is a nuisance if you use something other than Microsoft Mail, but changing the default to your own email client will eliminate the problem and allow you to use your usual client to message Nobdob from this site.

To do this, go to start>settings>apps>default apps, then find 'email' in the apps list, click it and select the application you normally use.

Or simply right-click an < EMAIL NOBDOB > link and select 'copy email address' from the context menu.  This copies the address to your clipboard, which you can then paste into the Recipient field of a message created in your own email program.

Apologies for making life more complicated than it ought to be, but displaying addresses openly makes them visible to email harvesters.  If you're still having trouble (on a mobile phone, for example), here's a clue to work out the address:
< Back > < EMAIL NOBDOB >